Tides in northern Adriatic Sea - the Gulf of Trieste

Malacic, V. and Viezzoli, D. (2000) Tides in northern Adriatic Sea - the Gulf of Trieste. Il nuovo cimento C, 23 C (4). pp. 365-382. ISSN 1826-9885

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The effects of tides in the northern Adriatic Sea were examined using the 2D finite-difference model. The Eulerian residual velocity field of the calibrated model was checked for the mixing efficiency of tides in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is shown through the simulation of tides for the period of one half year that tides are too weak to mix the whole water column (at any time within this period), even in front of the promontories (e.g. the Po river outlet). The model resolution (556 m) allowed analysis of the tidal dynamics in smaller regions. In the Gulf of Trieste the model results are in satisfactory agreement with the current-meter observations for winter 1984-85 and spring 1985. It is shown that in the middle of the entrance to the gulf the sense of rotation of the tidal ellipse vector changes from a clockwise rotation at the southern part of the entrance to an anticlockwise rotation at the northern part of entrance. Tidal currents in the interior of the gulf rotate counterclockwise, while in small bays, and in front of them, the rotation is clockwise.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Surface waves, tides, and sea level
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