Sealants in dentistry: a systematic review of the literature

Condò, R. and Cioffi, A. and Riccio, A. and Totino, M. and Condò, S.G. and Cerroni, L. (2013) Sealants in dentistry: a systematic review of the literature. Oral & implantology, 6 (3). pp. 67-74. ISSN 2035-2468

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The occlusal surface is the most affected area by dental caries and the sealing of the pits and of the fissures has been found, in time, the preventive method most effective trying to counteract the onset. Currently, the WHO considers it as a primary preventive measure, in other words one of the most effective and least invasive available to ensure the complete protection and the total preservation of the occlusal carious by the phenomenon. The aim of this work has been to perform a systematic review of the literature on clinical trials of different sealing materials, in order to: compare their individual characteristics, highlight the reliability and the long-term efficacy and identify the most significant variables, both technological and clinics, in order to declare whether or not the success of this method prior. The research has been carried out in the MEDLINE database by choosing keywords as “sealants” and “follow up”. Only studies published in the last thirteen years have been considered and have been evaluated only types of scientific articles that fall within the definition of Anglo-Saxon “Clinical Trial” and “Controlled Clinical Trial”, excluding all experimental works in vitro, case-reports, meta-analyzes and literature reviews. Have been also considered only scientific papers on patients between the ages of 0 and 18 years. Out of 29 studies, evaluating a total of 2900 individuals (aged between 2.5 and 17 years), 7411 seals made by using resin-based sealants (RB Sealants), modified glass ionomer sealants (RMGI) and compomer sealants have been analyzed. The best retention capacity of the material in time has been obtained from the use of RB Sealants compared to RMGI, demonstrating retention values much lower with partial loss of material at a distance of one year from the clinic. The compomers demonstrate retention values intermediates. The incidence of caries in a year is negligible for all sealants application. In terms of retention, resin-based sealants (RB Sealants) are the materials that give more guarantees of success at 12 months, while in the same period there haven’t been significant differences in caries prevention of disease among the various classes sealing materials analyzed.

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