Results on high-energy cosmic rays by EAS-TOP at Gran Sasso

Aglietta, M. and Alessandro, B. and Antonioli, P. and Arneodo, F. and Bergamasco, L. and Bertaina, M. and Campos Fauth, A. and Castagnoli, C. and Castellina, A. and Chiavassa, A. and Cini Castagnoli, G. and D'Ettorre Piazzoli, B. and Di Sciascio, G. and Fulgione, W. and Galeotti, P. and Ghia, P. L. and Iacovacci, M. and Mannocchi, G. and Melagrana, C. and Morello, C. and Navarra, G. and Riccati, L. and Saavedra, O. and Trinchero, G. C. and Vallania, P. and Vernetto, S. (1997) Results on high-energy cosmic rays by EAS-TOP at Gran Sasso. Il nuovo cimento C, 20 C (6). pp. 985-1008. ISSN 1826-9885

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Very High-Energy cosmic rays have to be studied through the ground-based detectors of the Extensive Air Showers (EAS) that they produce in the atmosphere. The main measurements to be performed are of: primary energy spectra, composition, anisotropies, «neutral primary» astronomy, and interaction properties. This requires complete detectors of all the EAS components, and for this purpose the EAS-TOP array has been constructed at Campo Imperatore (2000 m a.s.l.) on top of the Gran Sasso underground laboratories. The array has been progressively going into operation since 1988. In this paper we present the status and performances of the different detectors, and the results obtained up to now on the different items under discussion.

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500 Scienze naturali e Matematica > 550 Scienze della Terra > 551 Geologia, Idrologia, Meteorologia > 551.5 Meteorologia (Classificare qui l'atmosfera) (Classificare la previsione e le previsioni di specifici fenomeni meteorologici in 551.64; classificare la Micrometeorologia in 551.66) > 551.52 Termodinamica, interazioni atmosferiche con la superficie terrestre, temperature, radiazioni > 551.527 Radiazioni (per fenomeni ottici, vedi 551.565) > 551.5276 Radiazioni cosmiche (Include il rumore cosmico) (Classificare qui i raggi cosmici)
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