Sensory and sympathetic disorders in chronic non-specific neck pain

Zaproudina, Nina and MingϮ, Zhiyong and Närhi, Matti (2015) Sensory and sympathetic disorders in chronic non-specific neck pain. Functional Neurology, 30 (2). pp. 165-171. ISSN 1971-3274

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The signs of sympathetic and sensory nerve-related disorders are not widely investigated in chronic nonspecific neck pain (NNP) patients. Thus, we performed skin temperature (Tsk), evaporation and touch threshold (TT) measurements to reveal possible dysfunctions at the fingertips of NNP patients (n=60) compared with healthy controls (n=11). Neck pain intensity was the main modifier of Tsk, and age the main modifier of TT in a multivariate model. On comparisons of the subgroups of NNP patients with unilateral (n=26) and bilateral (n=34) symptoms and controls, TT differed and Tsk tended to differ, the unilateral pain patients being found to demonstrate higher TT values on both sides. Interrelations between the measured parameters were found in the controls, but not in the patients. The NNP patients exhibited signs of functional impairment of innervation reflected in changes in tactile sensitivity and vasoactive sympathetic function. These changes may be based on both central and peripheral mechanisms, which possibly differ in patients with unilateral and bilateral symptoms.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Chronic non-specific neck pain, skin surface evaporation, skin temperature, sympathetic nervous system function, touch thresholds
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