The ScS precursors for the study of the lowermost mantle

Olivieri, M. and Pino, N. A. (1998) The ScS precursors for the study of the lowermost mantle. Il nuovo cimento C, 21 C (5). pp. 503-514. ISSN 1826-9885

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The exploration of the lowermost-mantle structures by means of body waveform modeling allows the small-scale detection of heterogeneity and anomalous layers. In some regions the D00 layer presents a discontinuity at its top that seems to be a local feature. This anomalous reflector may be recognized by the detection of a small core-reflected phases precursor. These studies may present different order of problems. The main difficulties, are connected to the identification of the precursor and its association to the D00 region. Misunderstandings often result because of phases produced by heterogeneity and anisotropy along and in the vicinity of the ray paths, in the crust and mantle structures. These complexities are increased when large dataset and recording arrays, which may facilitate the waveform analysis, are not available. In this paper we discuss the body waveform modeling of lower-mantle phases for the study of the D00 with particular focus on the case of sparse data with only few events and stations available.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Structure of the Earth’s interior below the upper mantle
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