Symmetry defects in single-gyre, wind-driven oceanic systems

Crisciani, F. and Furlan, G. and Guidarelli, M. (2000) Symmetry defects in single-gyre, wind-driven oceanic systems. Il nuovo cimento C, 23 C (4). pp. 383-410. ISSN 1826-9885

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We explore some symmetry properties of the leading terms that constitute the solution describing the flow field structure in a wind-driven, bottom-dissipated ocean. Both the weakly non-linear and the highly non-linear regime are investigated. The main result is that the northward displacement and the westward intensification of the current system, which are typical of the subtropical gyres (for instance the North Atlantic Ocean), can be ascribed to an interplay between the symmetries of these terms. Moreover, a duality relationship allows us to relate the conclusions concerning one regime to the other.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Dynamics of the upper ocean
Subjects: 500 Scienze naturali e Matematica > 550 Scienze della Terra > 551 Geologia, Idrologia, Meteorologia > 551.4 Geomorfologia e idrosfera > 551.46 Idrosfera, Geologia sottomarina e Oceanografia (Classificare qui le acque marine, l'Idrografia, l'Oceanografia fisica; le opere interdisciplinari sulla Scienza del mare, sugli oceani e i mari) > 551.463 Onde (Include l'aumento di livello del mare in tempesta, le sesse) (Classificare qui le onde da vento) (Classificare le opere d'insieme sulle interazioni oceano-atmosfera in 551.5246) (Classificare l'azione geologica delle onde in 551.36)
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Date Deposited: 09 Mar 2020 15:22
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