Planning Wireless Networks by Shortest Path

Mannino, Carlo and Mattia, Sara and Sassano, Antonio (2009) Planning Wireless Networks by Shortest Path. Technical Report. Department of Computer and System Sciences Antonio Ruberti, Roma.


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Transmitters and receivers are the basic elements of wireless networks and are characterized by a number of radio-electrical parameters. The generic planning problem consists in establishing suitable values for these parameters so as to optimize some network performance indicator. The version here addressed, namely the Power Assignment Problem (pap), is the problem of assigning transmission powers to the transmitters of a wirelessnetwork so as to maximize the satisfied demand. This problem has relevant practical applications both in radio-broadcasting and in mobile telephony. Typical solution approaches make use of mixed integer linear programs with huge coefficients in the constraint matrix yielding numerical inaccuracy and poor bounds and cannot be exploited to solve large instances of practical interest. In order to overcome these inconveniences, we developed a two-phase heuristic to solve large instances of pap , namely a constructive heuristic followed by an improving local search. Both phases are based on successive shortest path computations on suitable directed graphs. Computational tests on a number of instances arising in the design of the Italian Digital Video Broadcasting are presented.

Item Type: Monograph (Technical Report)
Uncontrolled Keywords: wireless network optimization, mixed integer programs, exponential neighborhood search.
Subjects: 600 Tecnologia - Scienze applicate > 620 Ingegneria e attivita' affini > 629 Altri rami dell'ingegneria
Depositing User: Sapienza Università di Roma Dipartimento di Ingegneria informatica, automatica e gestionale
Date Deposited: 23 Mar 2010
Last Modified: 20 May 2010 12:03

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