On the effect of solar particles over the polar upper atmosphere

Murata, T. and Muraki, Y. (2002) On the effect of solar particles over the polar upper atmosphere. Il nuovo cimento C, 25 (3). pp. 339-352. ISSN 1826-9885

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It has been reported that the abundance of nitrates in the polar region shows an 11 year periodicity which is clearly connected to solar activity. In this paper, we investigate whether or not this variation in nitrates can be explained by solar proton events (SPE) using data of the variation in galactic cosmic rays (GCR) over two solar cycles. As the result of our analysis, it would appear that SPE do not play a major role in producing the year-to-year variability in nitrate abundance in the polar region over the 11 year solar cycle. We have found that, if the short wave length (≤ 300 nm) radiation from the Sun varies by ∼ 0.1% over the 11 year solar cycle, the variation in nitrates can be explained naturally. The explanation requires that the intensity of GCR should increase to about 3000 times its present level. It would be useful to explore whether or not our planet has been exposed to such strong fluxes of GCR as a consequence of supernova explosions in the past.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Chemical composition and chemical interactions ; Solar radiation ; Energetic solar particles and photons
Subjects: 500 Scienze naturali e Matematica > 550 Scienze della Terra > 551 Geologia, Idrologia, Meteorologia > 551.5 Meteorologia (Classificare qui l'atmosfera) (Classificare la previsione e le previsioni di specifici fenomeni meteorologici in 551.64; classificare la Micrometeorologia in 551.66) > 551.52 Termodinamica, interazioni atmosferiche con la superficie terrestre, temperature, radiazioni > 551.527 Radiazioni (per fenomeni ottici, vedi 551.565) > 551.5276 Radiazioni cosmiche (Include il rumore cosmico) (Classificare qui i raggi cosmici)
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