Variable and transient Galactic gamma-ray sources with AGILE

Longo, F. and Bulgarelli, A. and Chen, A. and Gianotti, F. and Giuliani, A. and Lucarelli, F. and Piano, G. and Pittori, C. and Sabatini, S. and Striani, E. and Tavani, M. and Trifoglio, M. and Verrecchia, F. and Argan, A. and Barbiellini, G. and Costa, E. and Caraveo, P. and Cattaneo, P. W. and D'Ammando, F. and De Paris, G. and Del Monte, E. and Di Cocco, G. and Di Persio, G. and Donnarumma, I. and Evangelista, Y. and Feroci, M. and Ferrari, A. and Fiorini, M. and Froysland, T. and Fuschino, F. and Galli, M. and Labanti, C. and Lapshov, I. and Lazzarotto, F. and Lipari, P. and Marisaldi, M. and Mereghetti, S. and Moretti, E. and Morselli, A. and Pacciani, L. and Pellizzoni, A. and Perotti, F. and Picozza, P. and Pilia, M. and Prest, M. and Pucella, G. and Rapisarda, M. and Rappoldi, A. and Rubini, A. and Soffitta, P. and Trois, A. and Vallazza, E. and Vercellone, S. and Vittorini, V. and Zambra, A. and Zanello, D. and Antonelli, L. A. and Colafrancesco, S. and Cutini, S. and Giommi, P. and Santolamazza, P. and Salotti, L. (2011) Variable and transient Galactic gamma-ray sources with AGILE. Il nuovo cimento C, 34 (3). pp. 191-196. ISSN 1826-9885

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AGILE has been providing continous monitoring of the Galactic plane in its three years of operation. Thanks to its sensitivity at energies near 100 MeV, AGILE has observed variability and transient behaviour in a number of sources. Simultaneous hard–X-ray coverage, rapid alerts to the astronomical community, and multiwavelength campaigns have provided identifications for some of these sources and placed constraints on others. We provide an overview of these observations and their possible counterparts, including microquasars and colliding wind binaries.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: X- and γ-ray telescopes and instrumentation ; γ-ray sources; γ-ray bursts ; γ-ray
Subjects: 500 Scienze naturali e Matematica > 530 Fisica
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