Gamma-ray flares from red-giant–jet interactions in AGN

Barkov, M. V. and Aharonian, F. A. and Bosch-Ramon, V. (2011) Gamma-ray flares from red-giant–jet interactions in AGN. Il nuovo cimento C, 34 (3). pp. 231-235. ISSN 1826-9885

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Non-blazar AGN have been recently established as a class of gammaray sources. M87, a nearby representative of this class, show fast TeV variability on timescales of a few days. We suggest a scenario of flare gamma-ray emission in non-blazar AGN based on a red giant interacting with the jet at the base. We solve the hydrodynamical equations that describe the evolution of the envelope of a red giant blown by the impact of the jet. If the red giant is at least slightly tidally disrupted by the supermassive black hole, enough stellar material will be blown by the jet, expanding quickly until a significant part of the jet is shocked. This process can render suitable conditions for energy dissipation and proton acceleration, which could explain the detected day-scale TeV flares from M87 via proton-proton collisions. Since the produced radiation would be unbeamed, such an event should be mostly detected from non-blazar AGN. They may be frequent phenomena, detectable in the GeV-TeV range even up to distances of ∼ 1Gpc for the most powerful jets. The counterparts at lower energies are expected to be not too bright. M87, and nearby non-blazar AGN in general, can be fast variable sources of gamma rays through red-giant–jet interactions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Active and peculiar galaxies and related systems (including BL Lacertae objects, blazars, Seyfert galaxies, Markarian galaxies, and active galactic nuclei) ; Jets and bursts; galactic winds and fountains ; Galactic nuclei (including black holes), circumnuclear matter, and bulges
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