Seismic stratigraphy and integrated stratigraphy: new insights and contributions

Aiello, Gemma (2017) Seismic stratigraphy and integrated stratigraphy: new insights and contributions. Intech, Rjeka Croatia. ISBN 978-953-51-3676-7

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Different stratigraphic studies have been carried out in this book. First, they include the sequence stratigraphic architecture of siliciclastic- and carbonate-dominated shales in USA and China, focusing on the implications in the reservoir prediction. The sequence stratigraphy of alluvial depositional environments has also been studied, defining a new type of fluvial facies, representative of the Bohai Bay Basin, which is located in Eastern China in extensional tectonic setting. In the northern Taiwan offshore, the main regional unconformities (U1 and U2) and the related seismic units (SU I, SU II, SU III) have been singled out as an answer to the collapse of the fold and thrust belt located in the emerged areas. A new stratigraphic scale for the Jurassic deposits of western Siberia has been constructed based on the correlation of these deposits with the surrounding regions. The theoretical aspects of the stratigraphic unconformities have been reviewed, focusing on the drowning unconformities (Middle Devonian drowning unconformity). The significance of this study is the integration among different aspects of stratigraphy. Most of the work which has been described in this book derives from detailed in situ observations and sophisticated stratigraphic analyses.

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