Borexino—The achievements and prospects

Bellini, G. and Benziger, J. and Bick, D. and Bonfini, G. and Buizza Avanzini, M. and Caccianiga, B. and Cadonati, L. and Calaprice, F. and Cavalcante, P. and Chavarria, A. and Chepurnov, A. and D'Angelo, D. and Davini, S. and Derbin, A. and Empl,, A. and Etenko, A. and von Feilitzsch, F. and Fomenko, K. and Franco, D. and Galbiati, C. and Gazzana, S. and Ghiano, C. and Giammarchi, M. and Göger-Neff, M. and Goretti, A. and Grandi, L. and Hagner, C. and Hungerford, E. and Ianni, Aldo and Ianni, Andrea and Kobychev, V. and Korablev, D. and Korga, G. and Kryn, D. and Laubenstein, M. and Lewke, T. and Litvinovich, E. and Lombardi, F. and Lombardi, P. and Ludhova, L. and Lukyanchenko, G. and Machulin, I. and Manecki, S. and Maneschg, W. and Manuzio, G. and Meindl, Q. and Meroni, E. and Miramonti, L. and Misiaszek, M. and Mosteiro, P. and Muratova, V. and Oberauer, L. and Obolensky, M. and Ortica, F. and Otis, K. and Pallavicini, M. and Papp, L. and Perasso, L. and Perasso, S. and Pocar, A. and Ranucci, G. and Razeto, A. and Re, A. and Romani, A. and Rossi, N. and Saldanha, R. and Salvo, C. and Schönert, S. and Simgen, H. and Skorokhvatov, M. and Smirnov, O. and Sotnikov, A. and Sukhotin, S. and Suvorov, Y. and Tartaglia, R. and Testera, G. and Vignaud, D. and Vogelaar, R. B. and Winter, J. and Wojcik, M. and Wright, A. and Wurm, M. and Xu, J. and Zaimidoroga, O. and Zavatarelli, S. and Zuzel, G. (2014) Borexino—The achievements and prospects. Il nuovo cimento C, 37 (6). pp. 21-28. ISSN 1826-9885

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The Borexino detector, located in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy, has been designed for real-time spectroscopy of low-energy solar neutrinos. It is also capable to register geo-neutrinos and neutrinos from artificial sources. In Phase I of the experiment lasting for three years between May 2007 and May 2010, we performed the first independent measurements of 7Be, 8B and pep solar-neutrino fluxes, as well as the first measurement of antineutrinos from the Earth. After a dedicated purification campaign of the liquid scintillator in 2011 Borexino entered into Phase II, which allowed to investigate the seasonal modulation in the 7Be signal, to study the cosmogenic backgrounds and to update the measurement of the geo-neutrinos. Within Borexino a new project SOX is also under development. It is devoted to search for sterile neutrinos via the use of a 51Cr neutrino source and a 144Ce-144Pr antineutrino source placed in close proximity of the detector active volume.

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