A cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker for the BESIII experiment

Amoroso, A. and Baldini, R. and Bertani, M. and Bettoni, D. and Bianchi, F. and Calcaterra, A. and Carassiti, V. and Cerioni, S. and Chai, J. and Cibinetto, G. and Cotto, G. and De Mori, F. and Destefanis, M. and Dong, J. and Dong, M. and Farinelli, R. and Fava, L. and Felici, G. and Fioravanti, E. and Garzia, I. and Gatta, M. and Greco, M. and Hu, J. F. and Johansson, T. and Leng, C. and Li, H. and Liu, Z. and Maggiora, M. and Marcello, S. and Marciniewski, P. and Melchiorri, M. and Mezzadri, G. and Morello, G. and Ouyan, Q. and Pacetti, S. and Patteri, P. and Rivetti, A. and Rosner, C. and Savrié, M. and Sosio, S. and Spataro, S. and Tskhadadze, E. and Wang, K. and Wang, L. and Wu, L. and Ji,, X. and Ye, M. and Zallo, A. and Zhang, Y. and Zotti, L. (2016) A cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker for the BESIII experiment. Il nuovo cimento C, 39 (1). pp. 1-3. ISSN 1826-9885

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We are developing a cylindrical GEM detector with analog readout to upgrade the Inner Tracker of the BESIII experiment at IHEP (Beijing). The new detector will match the requirements for momentum resolution (σpt/pt ∼ 0.5% at 1GeV) and radial resolution (σxy ∼ 100 μm) of the existing drift chamber and will improve significantly the spatial resolution along the beam direction (σz ∼ 150 μm) with very small material budget (about 1% of X0). A beam test has been performed at CERN in order to measure the performance of a BESIII GEM prototype in a magnetic field up to 1 tesla. An overview of the project and the preliminary results of the test will be presented in the talk. The project has been recognised as a Significant Research Project within the Executive Programme for Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Italy and PRC for the years 2013–2015, and more recently has been selected as one of the project funded by the European Commission within the call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014.

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