Measurements of B(B0s → D(∗)∓s K±)/B(B0s → D(∗)− s π+) at LHCb

Lupato, A. (2016) Measurements of B(B0s → D(∗)∓s K±)/B(B0s → D(∗)− s π+) at LHCb. Il nuovo cimento C, 39 (1). pp. 1-3. ISSN 1826-9885

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The Bs → D(∗)∓s K± and Bs → D(∗)∓s π± decay amplitudes are of great interest, since, by means of a time-dependent analysis, they allow us to measure the weak phase γ. In this article, using an integrated luminosity of 3 fb−1 recorded by the LHCb experiment until 2012, a measurement of the branching fraction of B0s → D∓s K± with respect to B0s → D − s π+ is presented, where D∓s → K∓K±π∓. Moreover, the first observation of the B0s → D∗∓s K± and the measurements of its branching fraction are reported, where D ∗∓s are reconstructed through the decay chain D∗∓s → D∓s (→ K∓K±π∓)γ. These decays are experimentally challenging for a detector operating at an hadronic collider due to the low photons transverse energy. Both measurements resulted to be compatible with QCD expectations.

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