Acrokeratosis Can Be a Warning Sign of an Underlying Malignancy

Nguyen, Sara and Grosber, Martine and Gutermuth, Jan (2019) Acrokeratosis Can Be a Warning Sign of an Underlying Malignancy. European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine, 6 (5). ISSN 2284-2594

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Introduction: Some cutaneous manifestations can be the first presentation of an underlying malignancy. These so-called paraneoplastic syndromes can sometimes be very subtle or strongly resemble other benign cutaneous diseases. Aims: In this report, we want to emphasize the need for further investigation of eczema-like cutaneous presentations which develop at a later age and are recalcitrant to therapy. Exclusion of an underlying malignancy needs to be considered. Patients and Methods: A 53-year-old man with thickening of the skin, more pronounced on the hands, feet and face, was diagnosed with classic nodular sclerosing Hodgkin disease based on cutaneous presentation. Results: After two rounds of chemotherapy (adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine and dacarbazine), the cutaneous symptoms had disappeared. After six rounds of chemotherapy and 14 months of follow-up, the patient is still in remission without recurrence of the cutaneous symptoms. Conclusions: Cutaneous symptoms recalcitrant to adequate treatment should raise suspicion and prompt further investigation to exclude an underlying malignancy. A multidisciplinary approach with the dermatology department can accelerate diagnosis and improve the patient’s prognosis.

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