Hints for new sources of flavour violation in meson mixing

Blanke, M. (2016) Hints for new sources of flavour violation in meson mixing. Il nuovo cimento C, 39 (4). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1826-9885

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The recent results by the Fermilab-Lattice and MILC collaborations on the hadronic matrix elements entering Bd,s- ¯ Bd,s mixing show a significant tension of the measured values of the mass differences ΔMd,s with their SM predictions. We review the implications of these results in the context of Constrained Minimal Flavour Violation models. In these models, the CKM elements γ and |Vub|/|Vcb| can be determined from Bd,s- ¯ Bd,s mixing observables, yielding a prediction for γ below its tree-level value. Determining subsequently |Vcb| from the measured value of either ΔMs or εK gives inconsistent results, with the tension being smallest in the Standard Model limit. This tension can be resolved if the flavour universality of new contributions to ΔF = 2 observables is broken. We briefly discuss the case of U(2)3 flavour models as an illustrative example.

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