Towards a Timepix4 compact gamma camera for coded aperture 3D imaging

Cerbone, L. A. (2023) Towards a Timepix4 compact gamma camera for coded aperture 3D imaging. Il nuovo cimento C, 46 (4). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1826-9885

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The Timepix4 readout circuit for hybrid pixel detector (448 × 512 pixels, 55 μm pitch) has been recently released by the Medipix4 Collaboration based at CERN. We have designed a compact gamma camera (CGC) based on a 1 mm thick CdTe semiconductor pixel detector for nuclear medicine tasks, e.g., sentinel lymph node imaging, with Tc-99 m radiotracers. The detector is coupled to a coded aperture collimator (modified uniformly redundant array with 0.25mm diameter round holes in 1 mm thick Tungsten plate). The real-time coded aperture image reconstruction is performed via autocorrelation deconvolution. The detector assembly works in minification for a variable field of view. Geant4 Monte Carlo simulations showed that for a Tc-99 m source, at 50mm source-collimator distance, where the field is 88 × 88mm2, the collimator sensitivity is 290 times that of a single hole in the mask, and the spatial resolution is (1.67 ± 0.05) mm FWHM. Tests with a Silicon pixel detector bump-bonded to a Timepix4 chip with an Am-241 source showed energy resolution capabilities.

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