Linear Time Analysis of Properties of Conflict-Free and General Petri nets

Alimonti, Paola and Feuerstein, Esteban and Laura, Luigi and Nanni, Umberto (2010) Linear Time Analysis of Properties of Conflict-Free and General Petri nets. Technical Report. Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica Antonio Ruberti.


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We introduce the notion of T-path within Petri nets, and propose a simple approach, based on previous work developed for directed hypergraphs, in order to determine structural properties of nets; in particular, we study the relationships between T-paths in a Petri net and _rable sequences of transitions. Let us consider a net P = hP; T; A;M0i and the set of places with a positive marking in M0, i.e., P0 = fp j M0(p) > 0g. If we regard the net as a directed graph, the existence of a simple path from any place in P0 to a transition t is, of course, a necessary condition for the potential _rability of t. This is su_cient only if the net is a State Machine, where j_tj = jt_j = 1 for all t 2 T. In this paper we show that the existence of a T-path from any subset of P0 to a transition t is a more restrictive condition and is, again, a necessary condition for the potential _rability of t. But, in this case: (a) if P is a Conict Free Petri net, this is also a su_cient condition, (b) if P is a general Petri net, t is potentially _rable by increasing the number of tokens in P0. For Conict-Free nets (CFPN) we consider the following problems: (a) determining the set of _rable transitions, (b) determining the set of reachable places, (c) determining the set of live transitions, (d) deciding the boundedness of the net. For all these problems we provide algorithms requiring linear space and time, i.e., O(jAj + jPj + jTj), for a net P = hP; T; A;M0i. Previous results for this class of networks are given by Howell, Rosier and Yen [18], providing algorithms for solving problems in Conict-Free nets in O(jPj_jTj) time and space. Given a Petri net and a marking M, the well known coverability problem consists in _nding a reachable marking M0 such that M0 _ M; this problem is known to be EXPSPACE-hard [30]. For general Petri nets we provide a partial answer to this problem. M is coverable by augmentation if it is coverable from an augmented marking M00 of the initial marking M0: M00 _ M0 and, for all p 2 P, M00(p) = 0 if M0(p) = 0. We solve this problem in linear time. The algorithms to compute T-paths are incremental: it is possible to modify the network (adding new places, transitions, arcs, tokens), and update the set of potentially _rable transitions and reachable places without recomputing them from scratch.

Item Type: Monograph (Technical Report)
Subjects: 000 Scienza degli elaboratori - Scienze dell’informazione - Scienze archivistiche, librarie e dell'informazione documentaria – opere generali
Depositing User: Sapienza Università di Roma Dipartimento di Ingegneria informatica, automatica e gestionale
Date Deposited: 06 Oct 2010 07:50
Last Modified: 11 Oct 2010 10:12

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