Preserving today for tomorrow: A case study of an archive of Interactive Music Installations

Bressan, Federica and Canazza, Sergio and Roda', Antonio and Orio, Nicola (2009) Preserving today for tomorrow: A case study of an archive of Interactive Music Installations. Proceedings of WEMIS - Workshop on Exploring Musical Information Spaces.

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This work presents the problems addressed and the first results obtained by a project aimed at the preservation of Interactive Music Installations (IMI). Preservation requires that besides all the necessary components for the (re)production of a performance, also the knowledge about these components is kept, so that the original process can be repeated at any given time. This work proposes a multilevel approach for the preservation of IMI. As case studies, the Pinocchio Square (installed in EXPO 2002) and the Il Caos delle Sfere are considered.

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