Earthquakes-Induced Environmental Effects in Coastal Area: Some Example in Calabria and Sicily (Southern Italy)

Porfido, S. and Esposito, E. and Violante , C. and Molisso, F. and Sacchi, M. and Spiga, E. (2011) Earthquakes-Induced Environmental Effects in Coastal Area: Some Example in Calabria and Sicily (Southern Italy). Marine Research at CNR Dta. ISSN 2239-5172

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The Messina Strait, between Calabria and Sicily’s Coast, is one of the most seismically active areas of the Southern Italy. Since 1783, there have been 7 earthquakes withMranging between 6.0 and 7.2 .They have produced wide damages and induced numerous and spectacular coseismic environmental effects (primary and secondary effects) overall along the coast where the impact was particularly catastrophic. These earthquakes caused several changes in elevation, landslides and settlements, relevant landslides (the 1783 event triggered in Scilla, along the cliff of the M. Pac`ı a huge rock avalanche of 5 Mm3 in the areal and 3 Mm3 in the submarine zone, generating a disastrous tsunamis), ground fractures (Capo V. area, during the 1905 seismic event; in Messina, Reggio C., Villa S. Giovanni, during the 1908 event); liquefaction phenomena (Messina, Ganzirri and Reggio C., 1908 event), and catastrophic tsunamis (5 induced by the 1783 events, other 2 by 1905 and 1908 events). The run-up observed ranging from few centimeters to tens of metres: the highest tsunami wave was about 16 m in Scilla (Feb. 6, 1783 tsunami), 13 m in Pellaro (1908 event) and 1,30 m along the Calabrian coast (1905 tsunami). Finally, it is important to consider the seismically induced effects with the aim to reduce the future risk for the population living along the coast and the potential damage to structures and natural environment, through a more precise estimate of their type, size and distribution, according to the new macroseismic scale ESI2007.

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