Photoprotective properties of Olea Europea by topical application versus UVB and Vitamin E acetate

Nino, Massimiliano and Benevento, Gianluca and Mordente, Ines and Napolitano, Maddalena and Santoianni, Pietro (2010) Photoprotective properties of Olea Europea by topical application versus UVB and Vitamin E acetate. Dermatologia clinica, 30 (1/2). pp. 29-33. ISSN 2037-6685

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The aim of the present study was to assess the photoprotective, lenitive and antioxidant properties of Olea Europea (OE) versus UVB and Vitamin E acetate. The Olea Europea is a pool of functional highly specific and differentiated molecules, with antioxidant activities and "scavenger" mechanisms, since oxidative stress linked to the formation of free radicals exerts an important role in the UV-induced skin damage. 21 healthy subjects were studied during a 4-month study. They were subdivided into 3 groups (A, B and C), each formed by 7 patients. They all were irradiated with a source of UVB and evaluated by colorimeter. In A group patients, following application of Olea Europea, we observed a 22% erythema decrease respect to MED; in B group patients, it was approximately 32%, in C group, it was about 18%. OE presented high efficacy, especially when it was applied both before and after photostimulation; results were more important when OE was combined with pure vitamin E acetate (reaching, respectively, 31%, 60% and 40% erythema decrease). Olea Europea, when topically applied, presents interesting capabilities of repairing UVB photodamage; therefore, OE integrates the peculiar and natural functional characteristics of skin photoprotection.

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