Abnormal skull findings in neural tube defects

Imbruglia, Laura and Cacciatore , Alessandro and Carrara, Sabina and Recupero , Stefania and La Galia, Tindara and Pappalardo, Elisa Maria and Accardi, Manuela Chiara and Pedata, Rosa and Rapisarda, Giulia and Mammaro, Alessia (2009) Abnormal skull findings in neural tube defects. Journal of prenatal medicine, 3 (3). pp. 44-47. ISSN 1971-3290

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The human neural tube develops and closes during the third and fourth week after conception and is normally completed by 28 days post-conception. Malformations, knows as neural tube defects, occure, when the normal closure process fails. Several clinical types of neural tube defects are recognized, anencefaly and spina bifida being the most common. Such malformations are generally associated with cranial abnormlities.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Neural defects, spina bifida, cerebral anomalies, prenatal diagnosis
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