Fetal lung lesions diagnosis: the crucial role of ultrasonography

Pedata, Rosa and Palermo, Mariarosaria and Maiello, Monica and Esposito, Nunzia and Ermito, Santina and Dinatale, Angela and Carrara, Sabina and Cavaliere, Alessandra (2009) Fetal lung lesions diagnosis: the crucial role of ultrasonography. Journal of prenatal medicine, 3 (4). pp. 49-52. ISSN 1971-3290

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Fetal lung lesions may cause significant effects of mass and may evolve into a non-immune hydrops and lead to the death of the fetus or the child. Treatment options for these severely affected infants are constantly evolving. The widespread use of ultrasound in prenatal diagnosis, in tertiary center like ours, allows us to identify the fetus, including lung lesions more ‘small. Prenatal diagnosis and possible therapeutic intervention in the immediate prenatal or postnatal period has significantly changed the quality of life and the survival of fetuses and infants, especially those who were completely asymptomatic at birth. Object of our interest is the pulmonary sequestration and congenital pulmonary malformation is the second in order of frequency, with an incidence between 0.15% and 6.4% of cases.

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