Post partum pelvic floor changes

Fonti, Ilenia and Giordano, Rosalba and Cacciatore, Alessandra and Romano, Mattea and La Rosa, Beatrice (2009) Post partum pelvic floor changes. Journal of prenatal medicine, 3 (4). pp. 57-59. ISSN 1971-3290

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Pelvic-perineal dysfunctions, are the most common diseases in women after pregnancy. Urinary incontinence and genital prolapsy, often associated, are the most important consequences of childbirth and are determined by specific alterations in the structure of neurological and musculo-fascial pelvic support. Causation is difficult to prove because symptom occur remote from delivery. Furthermore it is unclear whether changes are secondary to the method of childbirth or to the pregnancy itself. This controversy fuels the debate about whether or not women should be offered the choice of elective caesarean delivery to avoid the development of subsequent pelvic floor disfunction. But it has been demonstrated that pregnancy itself, by means of mechanical changes of pelvic statics and changes in hormones, can be a significant risk factor for these diseases. Especially is the first child to be decisive for the stability of the pelvic floor. During pregnancy, the progressive increase in volume of the uterus subject perineal structures to a major overload. During delivery, the parties present and passes through the urogenital hiatus leading to growing pressure on the tissues causing the stretching of the pelvic floor with possible muscle damage, connective tissue and / or nervous. In this article we aim to describe genitourinary post partum changes with particular attention to the impact of pregnancy or childbirth on these changes.

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