Prophylometric and sem analyse sof fourdifferent finishing methods

Chiodera, G. and Cerruti, F. and Carruti, Antonio and Putignano, A. and Mangani, Francesco (2012) Prophylometric and sem analyse sof fourdifferent finishing methods. Oral & implantology, 5 (4). pp. 77-85. ISSN 2035-2468

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Adhesion is the pivot of the modern restorative dentistry. Inlays, onlays and veneers have become a valid alternative to the traditional prosthetic treatments even in the rehabilitation of extremely damaged teeth, allowing aconsistent saving of sound tooth tissues. Composite resins and dental adhesive are continously investigated and improved, nevertheless the optimization of thetooth-adhesive interface has to be considered: in fact, the long-term stability of adhesion between tooth and compositematerial depends on the treatment of the amelo-dentinal surfaces.This study investigated the quality of the occlusal walls of a cavity prepared to receive an inlay and finished with four different systems: thin and extra-thin diamond coated burs, a 12-blades carbide burs and a diamond-coated tip driven bysonic instrument. Consequently, prophylometric and SEM analyses were performed on the samples. The average roughness values recordedby the prophylometer were expressed by the parameters Ra and RZ: there is a correspondence between the numeric val-ues and the pictures of the SEM. The results show a better quality (low roughness values) of the surface treated with multi-blade burs, followed by the thisand extrathin diamond coated burs. The 25 micron diamond-coated tip of the sonic instrument obtains the roughest surface and a sensibly higher amount of smear layer than the other tested systems.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Prophylometric analyses, sem analyses, finishing method, finishing surfaces, adhesive restorations, mod cav-ity, sonic system, diamond bur, tungsten carbide bur
Subjects: 600 Tecnologia - Scienze applicate > 610 Medicina e salute (Classificare qui la tecnologia dei servizi medici) > 617 Rami vari della medicina; Chirurgia > 617.6 Odontoiatria
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