The bone care nurse project

Casentini, Cristiana and Chiaramonti, Giuseppe and Amedei, Antonietta and Cioppi, Federica and Falchetti, Alberto and Masi, Laura and Brandi, Maria Luisa (2011) The bone care nurse project. Clinical cases in mineral and bone metabolism, 8 (1). pp. 63-65. ISSN 1971-3266

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In today's society, citizens are called to play an increasingly active role in decision planning related to the various aspects of work, social and political life. This trend has been also confirmed in the health’s field. In fact, the citizen is also required to have the skills to take responsibility for his/her own health, to have knowledge of the health care system, understand the advice and instructions of health professionals, actively participating with them in the therapeutical path. The lack or an inadequate level of these skills will affect both the health of the individual and the costs related to the National Health System. The nursing staff that interfaces between physicians and patients plays a key role in health’s promotion as an important determinant of health and welfare of the patient-citizen. With regard to osteoporosis, due to better knowledge of its determining causes, it is now possible an easy access to diagnosis and treatment options before fragility fractures occur, providing a real prevention to such complications. Prevention must be addressed to two different, but related, objectives: 1) prevention of osteoporosis; and 2) prevention of fragility fractures in patients with osteoporosis. In the context of both primary and secondary prevention, the nurse can better informed the patients and/or citizens about either the risks related to an inappropriate behavior or situations and events particularly dangerous to health, as well as provide information to simply and effectively implement protective measures. This project aims to raise awareness and create competent and specialized nurse figures, with a good understanding of the bone diseases, through the organization of seminars and training courses. Thus, it will be create clinical pathways and welfare in which the figure of the "Bone Care Nurse” will be responsible for administration of questionnaires relating to lifestyle and, for patients in drug treatment, questionnaires designed to assess the relevance of the adherence/compliance to the prescribed therapy. The "Bone Care Nurse” will also provide specific information leaflets aimed at improving lifestyle, compliance and adherence to therapy prescribed by physician. Specifically, this program will cover not only the prevention of fragility fractures in patients with low bone mass but also will provide general information on healthy lifestyles, such as adequate diet and physical activity, helpful to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity. An increase patient’s compliance in taking the antiosteoporotic therapy, as also other concomitant medications will be obtainable. The information collected will be stored in an electronic database, subject to statistical analysis and will be informative on both the degree of knowledge of disease by the patient at the first and follow-up meetings of the Bone Care Nurse project

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Bone care nurse project; adherence to antiosteoporotic therapy; prevention of fragility fractures; patients education
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