Il valico della Cisa in età romana: la Sella del Valoria (Comuni di Berceto e Pontremoli, Pr - Ms) Relazione preliminare

Ghiretti, Angelo and Bottazzi, Gianluca and Bazzini, Marco and Putzolu, Cristiano and Maras, Daniele F. (2013) Il valico della Cisa in età romana: la Sella del Valoria (Comuni di Berceto e Pontremoli, Pr - Ms) Relazione preliminare. FOLD&R FastiOnLine documents & research (288). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1828-3179

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In June of 2011, following a field survey carried out on the highest ridge of the Appennines, a Roman shrine was located two kilometres east of the Cisa pass, at the Sella del Valoria (1224 m asl), frequented from the second century BC until the fourth century AD and beyond. A first excavation campaign, carried out as a concession in 2012 on an area of 64 m2, identified a stretch of votive offerings which consisted of the deposition of a coin in a small pit, pro itu et reditu. In rare cases, in place of the coin was found a small bronze: a forearm with a hand, perhaps making the gesture of the Latin benedictio of Jupiter Sabatius, or other bodily fragments (a small foot in bronze, a foot held in a lead base). The analysis of the numismatic documentation, comprising 168 coins, indicates that the use of the sanctuary was particularly intense during the second and first centuries BC. The pass was abandoned in the first two centuries AD, probably in favour of the actual Cisa pass, but was significantly restored in the third and fourth centuries. Around 300 metres away from Sella del Valoria, along the line of the Via Francigena that comes up from the Po Valley, was found an inscription bearing two letters in a pre-Roman alphabet datable between the end of the third and the beginning of the second century BC.

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