Major complications in thyroid surgery: utility of bipolar vessel sealing (Ligasure® Precise)

Parmeggiani, Umberto and Avenia, Nicola and De Falco, Massimo and Parmeggiani, Domenico and Pisaniello, Donatella and D'Ajello, Michele and Monacelli, Massimo and Calzolari, Filippo and Sanguinetti, Alessandro and Sperlongano, Pasquale (2005) Major complications in thyroid surgery: utility of bipolar vessel sealing (Ligasure® Precise). Il giornale di chirurgia, 26 (10). pp. 387-394. ISSN 1971-145x

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In the present study the Authors tried and assess the advantages of the standard sutureless thyroidectomy performed by the Ligasure® Vessel Sealing System, thanks to the use of the dedicated Precise handle. The Authors compared the efficacy of haemostasis and the economical impact of the device, in terms of drug administration and costs. The Authors comparatively analyzed 120 total extracapsular thyroidectomies (TET) performed by the standard operative technique (Group A, control) and 70 TET achieved by the ?sutureless technique? (Group B, case).There was a statistically significant decrease of transient postoperative hypocalcaemia (5,71% vs 7,5%) and also of mean operative time (about 20 minutes) in patients of the group B. Non significant decrease of other kind of complications (postoperative haemorrhage, transient and permanent inferior laryngeal palsy, stupor of the superior laryngeal nerve, seromas) were also observed. The use of the Ligasure® Precise resulted easy , safe and efficient in the Authors? experience. It allowed the decrease of postoperative haemorrhages and mean operative time.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ligasure®, Bipolar vessel sealing, Thyroid surgery, Thyroidectomy complications; Ligasure®, Pinza bipolare, Chirurgia tiroidea, Complicanze della tiroidectomia.
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