Risk factors in reoperative thyroid surgery for recurrent goitre. Our experience

Calò, Pietro Giorgio and Medas, Fabio and Tatti, Alberto and Tuveri, Massimiliano and Nicolosi, Angelo (2012) Risk factors in reoperative thyroid surgery for recurrent goitre. Our experience. Il giornale di chirurgia, 33 (10). pp. 335-338. ISSN 1971-145X

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Aim. Reoperative thyroid surgery is an uncommon operation associated with a higher complication rate; we reviewed our series of patients on whom reoperative thyroid surgery was performed.Method. 106 patients had a thyroid reoperation for recurrent multinodular goiter (93 patients), recurrent thyrotoxicosis (3) or suspected malignancy (10); bilateral completion thyroidectomy was performed in 68 cases, lobectomy in 36, removal of a mediastinal recurrence and of a pyramidal remnant in 1 patient respectively. Results. Temporary hypoparathyroidism occurred in 41 patients (38.67%), definitive in 7 (6.6%), transient recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy in 5 (4.71%), permanent nerve palsy in 1 (0.94%); in 3 cases (2.83%) surgical revision of haemostasis was necessary for postoperative haemorrhage. After monolateral surgery we had 13 cases of transient hypoparathyroidism (34.21%), 2 of definitive (5.26%) and 1 transient recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy (2.63%); after bilateral surgery we had 29 cases of transient hypoparathyroidism (42.64%), 5 of definitive (7.35%), 4 of transient recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy (5.88%), 1 of definitive (1.47%) and 3 of postoperative bleeding (4.41%). Conclusions. Reoperative thyroid surgery is a technical challenge with a high incidence of complications. Scarring, edema and friability of the tissues together with distortion of the landmarks make reoperative surgery azardous. A higher risk of complications is described when previous surgery has been performed on both sides. Total thyroidectomy should be considered the procedure of choice for benign multinodular goiter eliminating the potential of a reoperation. Whenever necessary, reoperative hyroidectomy may be performed safely with little morbidity in experienced hands.

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