De Garengeot hernia with acute appendicitis

Erdas, Enrico and Siasi, Luigi and Licheri, Sergio and Secci, Lucia and Aresu, Simona and Barbarossa, Michela and Pomata, Mariano (2013) De Garengeot hernia with acute appendicitis. Il giornale di chirurgia, 34 (3). pp. 86-89. ISSN 1971-145X

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Aim. The presence of the appendix within a femoral hernia sac is a rare condition known as De Garengeot hernia. We report a case of De Garengeot hernia with concomitant appendicitis and a brief review of the literature on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon condition. Case report. A 33 year-old woman was admitted to our Surgical Unit with acute-onset pain and swelling in the right groin region. Clinical signs and ultrasound imaging suggested the presence of a strangulated femoral hernia and the patient was operated on in emergency setting. An inflamed appendix was discovered within the hernia sac. Appendectomy via McBurney incision and prosthetic repair of the femoral ring were performed. The postoperative course was uneventful and at the 2 week and 1 year follow-up no signs of wound infection and no hernia recurrence were found. Conclusion. Since clinical signs are non-specific and radiological findings may often be misinterpreted, appendicitis within a femoral hernia sac is often an incidental finding during an emergency operation for strangulated femoral hernia. Appendectomy-associated hernia repair may be performed with or without prosthesis depending on the extent of surgical field contamination.

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