Sheehan’s syndrome

Karaca, Züleyha and Tanrıverdi, Fatih and Ünlühızarcı, Kürşad and Keleştimur, Fahrettin (2013) Sheehan’s syndrome. Reviews in endocrinology and metabolism, 1 (2). pp. 73-77. ISSN 2282-8362

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Sheehan’s syndrome is postpartum hypopituitarism resulting from pituitary necrosis due to severe hypotension or shock secondary to massive bleeding during or following delivery. Sheehan’s syndrome is one of the neglected endocrine disorders. Although the definite mechanisms have not been clearly defined; disturbed blood supply of the pituitary gland due to hypotension in addition to increased demand of the gland due to physiological enlargement during gestation, relatively small sella size and autoimmunity in the longterm are suggested factors that are involved in the pathogenesis. Sheehan’s syndrome is characterized by variable degrees of hypopituitarism. Patients may have isolated, partial or complete hypopituitarism and they present with symptoms or signs due to the deficient hormone(s). The main difference from hypopituitarism due to other causes, such as pituitary adenoma or pituitary surgery, is the severity of the hormonal insufficiency. The symptoms and signs depend on the type and the severity of the underlying hormonal insufficiency. A history of failure of postpartum lactation and resumption of normal menses are the most common diagnostic features suggesting Sheehan’s syndrome. Partial or complete empty sella on MRI or CT is almost always seen in the patients. Treatment includes appropriate replacement of deficient hormones.

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