Archaeological research at Grumentum 2013: a three-dimensional documentation

Mastrocinque, Attilio and Soriano, Fiammetta and Marchetti, Chiara Maria and Jacobs, Ine (2014) Archaeological research at Grumentum 2013: a three-dimensional documentation. FOLD&R FastiOnLine documents & research (306). pp. 1-32. ISSN 1828-3179

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The results of recent archaeological excavations at Grumentum (Lucania) can be presented in a new way thanks to a series of 3D images. Below, three sectors are being presented, namely that of the round temple, the basilica, and buildings located southeast of the forum. The story of the round temple has been elucidated by a series of datable layers: a beautiful pavement of Augustan date was replaced by the temple, with a new pavement, in the Tiberian age. The story of the portico has not yet been satisfactorily ascertained. Several changes to its entrance are documented and there it is certain that its main transformation occurred in the central decades of the 1st century AD, when the abutting Capitol was built. In front of this temple another square was located, which may have been the republican forum. Close to the basilica an important stratigraphy has been brought to light, providing us with important chronological data. A period during which republican houses and shops occupied the border of the square was followed by great architectural works to build the basilica. The intention was to transform the square into a beautiful new forum. This occurred in the Augustan age, when the forum was planned and its construction was begun. To the southeast of the forum excavations uncovered two spaces, presumably shops, behind a street portico running parallel to the forum. All layers and features explored so far belonged to the late Roman/early medieval occupation phase of the area, which apparently followed a large-scale destruction of the structures.

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