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Accadia, T. and Acernese, F. and Astone, P. and Ballardin, G. and Barone, F. and Barsuglia, M. and Basti, A. and Bauer, Th. S. and Bebronne, M. and Bejger, M. and Beker, M. G. and Belletoile, A. and Bitossi, M. and Bizouard, M. A. and Blom, M. and Bondu, F. and Bonelli, L. and Bonnand, R. and Boschi, V. and Bosi, L. and Bouhou, B. and Braccini, S. and Bradaschia, C. and Branchesi, M. and Briant, T. and Brillet, A. and Brisson, V. and Bulik, T. and Bulten, H. J. and Buskulic, D. and Buy, C. and Cagnoli, G. and Calloni, E. and Canuel, B. and Carbognani, F. and Cavalier, F. and Cavalieri, R. and Cella, G. and Cesarini, E. and Chaibi, O. and Chassande-Mottin, E. and Chincarini, A. and Chiummo, A. and Cleva, F. and Coccia, E. and Cohadon, P.-F. and Colacino, C. N. and Colas, J. and Colla, A. and Colombini, M. and Conte, A. and Coulon, J.-P. and Cuoco, E. and D'Antonio, S. and Dattilo, V. and Davier, M. and Day, R. and De Rosa, R. and Debreczeni, G. and Del Pozzo, W. and del Prete, M. and Di Fiore, L. and Di Lieto, A. and Di Paolo Emilio, M. and Di Virgilio, A. and Dietz, A. and Drago, M. and Endrőczi, G. and Fafone, V. and Ferrante, I. and Fidecaro, F. and Fiori, I. and Flaminio, R. and Forte, L. A. and Fournier, J.-D. and Franc, J. and Frasca, S. and Frasconi, F. and Galimberti, M. and Gammaitoni, L. and Garufi, F. and Gáspár, M. E. and Gemme, G. and Genin, E. and Gennai, A. and Giazotto, A. and Gouaty, R. and Granata, M. and Greverie, C. and Guidi, G. M. and Hayau, J.-F. and Heidmann, A. and Heitmann, H. and Hello, P. and Jaranowski, P. and Kowalska, I. and Królak, A. (2011) Virgo gravitational wave detector: Results and perspectives. Il nuovo cimento C, 34 (6). pp. 189-194. ISSN 1826-9885

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