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Alvarez-Muñiz, J. and Bohacova, M. and Cataldi, G. and Coluccia, Maria Rita and Creti, P. and De Mitri, I. and Di Giulio, C. and Engel, R. and Facal San Luis, P. and Iarlori, M. and Martello, D. and Monasor, M. and Perrone, L. and Petrera, S. and Privitera, P. and Riegel, M. and Rizi, V. and Rodriguez Fernandez, G. and Salamida, F. and Salina, G. and Settimo, M. and Smida, R. and Verzi, V. and Werner, F. and Williams, C. (2013) Air Microwave Yield (AMY): An experiment for measuring the GHz emission from air shower plasma. Il nuovo cimento C, 36 (1). pp. 134-138. ISSN 1826-9885

Masala, Giovanni L. and Tangaro, Sonia and Golosio, B. and Oliva, P. and Stumbo, S. and Bellotti, R. and De Carlo, F. and Gargano, G. and Cascio, D. and Fauci, F. and Magro, R. and Raso, G. and Bottigli, U. and Chincarini, A. and De Mitri, I. and De Nunzio, G. and Gori, I. and Retico, A. and Cerello, P. and Cheran, S. C. and Fulcheri, C. and Lopez Torres, E. (2007) Comparative study of feature classification methods for mass lesion recognition in digitized mammograms. Il nuovo cimento C, 30 (3). pp. 305-316. ISSN 1826-9885

Aloisio, A. and Bacci, C. and Bao, K.Z. and Barone, F. and Bartoli, A. and Bernardini, P. and Bleve, C. and Branchini, P. and Bussino, S. and Calloni, E. and Camarri, P. and Cao, B.Y. and Cardarelli, R. and Casolino, M. and Catalanotti, S. and Cavaliere, A. and Cavaliere, S. and Cesaroni, F. and Cha, M. and Creti, P. and Cusimano, G. and D'Ali Staiti, G. and Danzengluobu, and D'Elia, V. and De Mitri, I. and D'Ettorre Piazzoli, B. and De Vincenzi, M. and Di Girolamo, T. and Di Sciascio, G. and Feng, Z.Y. and Fu, Y. and Gao, X.Y. and Geng, Q.X. and Guo, H.W. and He, H.H. and Huang, Q. and Iacovacci, M. and Iucci, N. and Jai, H.Y. and Kong, F.M. and Kuang, H.H. and Labaciren, and Li, B. and Li, J.Y. and Liberti, B. and Liguori, G. and Liu, Z.Q. and Lu, H. and Ma, X.H. and Mancarella, G. and Mari, S.M. and Marsella, G. and Martello, D. and Meng, X.R. and Milano, L. and Mineo, T. and Mu, J. and Nicastro, L. and Orlando, D. and Panareo, M. and Paoloni, A. and Peng, Z.R. and Pistilli, P. and Raso, G. and Sacco, B. and Saggese, L. and Santonico, R. and Scarsi, L. and Shen, P.R. and Stanescu, C. and Storini, M. and Sun, L.R. and Sun, S.C. and Surdo, A. and Tan, Y.H. and Vallania, P. and Vernetto, S. and Wang, C.R. and Wang, H. and Wang, H.Y. and Wei, Y.N. and Yao, Q.K. and Yu, G.C. and Yue, X.D. and Yuan, A.F. and Zhang, H.M. and Zhang, J.L. and Zhang, N.J. and Zhang, T.J. and Zhang, X.Y. and Zhaxisangzhu, and Zhaxiciren, and Zhu, Q.Q. (2001) The ARGO-YBJ experiment in Tibet. Il nuovo cimento C, 24 C (4\5). pp. 739-744. ISSN 1826-9885

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