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Colombi, A. and Barbaro, F. and Canton, L. and Carante, M. P. and Fontana, A. (2020) Nuclear reaction modeling of 52gMn production for multimodal imaging. Il nuovo cimento C, 43 (6). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1826-9885

Barbaro, Francesca and De Dominicis, L. and Canton, L. and Carante, M. P. and Colombi, A. and Fontana, A. and Stolarz, A. (2020) Theoretical study for a 117mSn production experiment with a 30 MeV α-beam cyclotron. Il nuovo cimento C, 43 (6). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1826-9885

Pupillo, G. and Fontana, A. and Canton, L. and Haddad, F. and Skliarova, H. (2019) Preliminary results of the PASTA project. Il nuovo cimento C, 42 (2-3). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1826-9885

Caravita, R. and Aghion, S. and Amsler, C. and Ariga, A. and Ariga, T. and Bonomi, G. and Braunig, P. and Bremer, J. and Brusa, R. S. and Cabaret, L. and Caccia, M. and Castelli, F. and Cerchiari, G. and Chlouba, K. and Cialdi, S. and Comparat, D. and Consolati, G. and Demetrio, A. and Di Noto, L. and Doser, M. and Dudarev, A. and Ereditato, A. and Evans, C. and Ferragut, R. and Fesel, J. and Fontana, A. and Forslund, O. K. and Gerber, S. and Giammarchi, M. and Gligorova, A. and Gninenko, S. and Guatieri, F. and Haider, S. and Holmestad, H. and Huse, T. and Jernelv, I. L. and Jordan, E. and Kaltenbacher, T. and Kellerbauer, A. and Kimura, M. and Koetting, T. and Krasnicky, D. and Lagomarsino, V. and Lansonneur, P. and Lebrun, P. and Lehner, S. and Liberadzka, J. and Malbrunot, C. and Mariazzi, S. and Marx, L. and Matveev, V. and Mazzotta, Z. and Nebbia, G. and Nedelec, P. and Oberthaler, M. and Pacifico, N. and Pagano, D. and Penasa, L. and Petracek, V. and Pistillo, C. and Prelz, F. and Prevedelli, M. and Ravelli, L. and Resch, L. and Rienacker, B. and Røhne, O. M. and Rosenberger, S. and Rotondi, A. and Sacerdoti, M. and Sandaker, H. and Santoro, R. and Scampoli, P. and Sorrentino, F. and Spacek, M. and Storey, J. and Strojek, I. M. and Testera, G. and Tietje, I. and Vamosi, S. and Widmann, E. and Yzombard, P. and Zavatarelli, S. and Zmeskal, J. (2016) Towards a gravity measurement on cold antimatter atoms. Il nuovo cimento C, 39 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1826-9885

Sacchi, M. and Pepe, F. and Esposito, G. and Barreca, G. and Esposito, G. and La Gioia, L. and Sciarrino, E. and Palumberi, A. and Caldareri, F. and Dera, R. and Di Vita, E.G. and Calabrese, I. and Cerullo, L. and Autiero, S. and Fontana, A. and Selva, B. and Barbolla, D.F. and Pierri, I. and Di Monda, D. and Russo, M. and Molisso, F. and Capodanno, M. (2013) Campagna Oceanografica Marisk-13 N/O Urania Napoli (27 dicembre 2013) – Napoli (02 gennaio 2013). Technical Report. IAMC-CNR. (Unpublished)

Ward, P. and Meurs, E. J. A. and Fiore, F. and D'Elia, V. and Lazzati, D. and Perna, R. and Sbordone, L. and Stratta, G. and Antonelli, L. A. and Chincarini, G. and Covino, S. and Di Paola, A. and Fontana, A. and Ghisellini, G. and Israel, G. and Frontera, F. and Marconi, G. and Stella, L. and Vietri, M. and Zerbi, F. (2005) A flash in the dark: UVES/VLT high-resolution spectroscopy of GRB afterglows. Il nuovo cimento C, 28 (4\5). pp. 783-786. ISSN 1826-9885

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