Continued fractions and the Riemann zeta: connections with string theory

Turco, Rosario and Colonnese, Maria and Nardelli, Michele (2009) Continued fractions and the Riemann zeta: connections with string theory. Dip.Sc.Terra-Dip.Matem.Unina. (Unpublished)


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Physics and astrophysics owe much to Mathematics: knowledge of the universe today would be impossible without it. What is surprising every day? The simplicity of the physical and mathematical models that Nature uses. Also behind elementary mathematics topics as continued fractions are hidden problems with greater complexity. The design of Nature is as if it were conceived in "bottom up" from the small elementary brick, until completion of the"cathedrals of the universe”. It was discovered relatively recently that other scientific fields such as medicine, bioengineering, music, economics, etc., can draw on mathematical models of number theory. The authors in this article show how, starting from the simple continued fractions, one can reach the most advanced theories of physics, as the connections between the prime numbers and the strings adic, adelic and zeta-strings, furthermore the connections between the mathematics of the fractals and the golden number.

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Date Deposited: 21 Dec 2009
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