The Sedimentary Basins of the Northern Campania Tyrrhenian Margin (Southern Italy): Geologic Evolution and Advances in Seismic Stratigraphy

Aiello, Gemma (2018) The Sedimentary Basins of the Northern Campania Tyrrhenian Margin (Southern Italy): Geologic Evolution and Advances in Seismic Stratigraphy. In: Sedimentary Basins: Evolution, Methods of Formation and Recent Advances. Nova Science Publishers, USA, pp. 1-42. ISBN 978 1 53613 922 8

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The sedimentary basins of the northern Campania Tyrrhenian margin have been investigated in detail aimed at studying and reconstructing their Quaternary geologic evolution through seismo-stratigraphic data. The seismo-stratigraphic analysis herein presented regards the sedimentary basins located in the northern Campania continental margin from Monte di Procida to Mondragone. This analysis, carried out using multichannel seismic data of the Zone E, has allowed to infer the subsurface volcanism in the Gaeta Gulf through the identification of a wide buried volcanic edifice, fossilized by the prograding sequences supplied by the Volturno River. This volcanism seems to be related with the oldest phases of volcanism in the Campania Plain, evidenced by the Parete and Villa Literno volcanic complexes, detected in the subsurface of the Campania Plain onshore. Moreover, the interpreted data have inferred the occurrence of the Meso-Cenozoic acoustic basement in the area between Monte di Procida and Mondragone, composed of the tectonic units pertaining to the Campania-Lucania platform Auct., overlain by Miocene siliciclastic sequences. The Volturno delta has been recognized as distinguished by bottomset, foreset and topset sequences, similarly to the delta deposits of the Mediterranean continental margins. The stratigraphic and tectonic setting of the Napoli basin has been studied based on the geologic interpretation of a multichannel seismic profile. It is a Pleistocene half-graben which can be compared, from a geodynamic point of view, to the other peri-tyrrhenian basins of the Campania Tyrrhenian margin. The Naples Bay, including the Napoli basin, is a significant part of a belt of coastal tectono-stratigraphic depressions, including the Campania Plain, the Volturno Plain and the Sele Plain. The Campania Plain is bounded by important normal faults, whose tectonic activity is concentrated at the margins of the coastal plain. The onshore basin is filled by several thousand of meters of Quaternary sediments and volcanic rocks, emplaced during the eruptive activity of the Vesuvius, Phlegrean Fields and Ischia and Procida volcanic complexes. Different seismo-stratigraphic units have been distinguished, representing the Naples basin filling. The first unit is distinguished by progradational to parallel reflectors, overlying the Meso-Cenozoic carbonates and downthrown by normal faults, probably Early Pleistocene in age. The second unit is represented by a syntectonic wedge, deposited during the tectonic tilting of the carbonate strata pertaining to the acoustic basement and is probably Middle Pleistocene in age. The third unit is distinguished from progradational to parallel seismic reflectors and is probably Late Pleistocene in age. The NE-SW trending horst of the Sorrento Peninsula, which separates the Naples and the Salerno Bays is long (about 20 kilometers) and is characterized by the occurrence of listric faults that down throw some of the main blocks composed of Meso-Cenozoic units of carbonate platform pertaining northward towards the Southern Apennines. The Naples Bay, including the Napoli basin, is crossed by two main systems of normal faults, both NE-SW and NW-SE trending, along which the Nisida and Pentapalummo volcanic banks are located. A complex fault system with a NNE-SSW trend offshore the Vesuvius has been individuated in correspondence with the Torre del Greco volcanic structure, representing the offshore prolongation of the volcanic complex.

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