The DarkSide veto: muon and neutron detectors

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The existence of dark matter is known because of its gravitational effects, and although its nature remains undisclosed, there is a growing indication that the galactic halo could be permeated by weakly interactive massive particles (WIMPs) with mass of the order of 100 GeV. Direct observation of WIMP-nuclear collisions in a laboratory detector plays a key role in dark matter searches. However, it also poses significant challenges, as the expected signals are low in energy and very rare. DarkSide is a project for direct observation of WIMPs in a liquid argon time-projection chamber specifically designed to overtake the difficulties of these challenges. A limiting background for all dark matter detectors is the production in their active volumes of nuclear recoils from the elastic scattering of radiogenic and cosmogenic neutrons. To rule out this background, DarkSide-50 is surrounded by a water tank serving as a Cherenkov detector for muons, and a boron-doped liquid scintillator acting as an active, high-efficiency neutron detector.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Dark matter (stellar, interstellar, galactic, and cosmological) ; Tracking and position-sensitive detectors ; Neutrino, muon, pion, and other elementary particle detectors; cosmic ray detectors
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