A second resonance of the Higgs field: Theoretical motivations and experimental signals

Consoli, Maurizio (2023) A second resonance of the Higgs field: Theoretical motivations and experimental signals. Il nuovo cimento C, 46 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1826-9885

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Analytical arguments and lattice simulations indicate that, beside the known resonance of mass mh = 125 GeV, defined by the quadratic shape of the effective potential at its minimum, the Higgs field could exhibit a second heavier excitation with mass (MH) theor = 690 ± 10 (stat) ± 20 (sys) GeV. This larger MH would measure the zero-point energy and, differently from mh, would remain finite in units of the weak scale Φ ∼ 246.2 GeV for an ultraviolet cutoff Λs → ∞. In spite of its large mass, however, the heavier state would couple to longitudinal W’s with the same typical strength of the low-mass state at 125 GeV. As such, its total decay width ΓH would be much smaller than the conventional expectation and its main production mechanism at LHC would be through gluon-gluon fusion (ggF). For an experimental check I have thus considered the ATLAS sample of 4-lepton ggF-like events in the region of invariant mass μ4l = 620–740 GeV (l = e, μ) which extends about ±60 GeV around our central mass value. These data indicate the presence of a new resonance with mass (MH) exp = 660–680 GeV and reproduce, to high accuracy, a characteristic correlation, between resonating peak cross section σR(pp → H → 4l) and the ratio γH = ΓH/MH. This correlation is nearly insensitive to the precise value of ΓH and mainly determined by the lower mass mh = 125 GeV. Therefore, one could also fit mh from the 4-lepton data in the high-mass range 620– 740 GeV. The result (mh) fit ∼ (125 ± 13) GeV reproduces the direct measurement of the Higgs particle mass and supports the idea that mh and the new (MH) exp are the masses of two different excitations of the same field.

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