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Ault, Steven K. and Nicholls, Ruben Santiago and Saboya, Martha IdaIí (2012) The Pan American Health Organization’s role and perspectives on the mapping and modeling of the neglected tropical diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: an overview. Geospatial health, 6 (3). S7-S9. ISSN 1970-7096

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Bhunia, Gouri Sankar and Kesari, Shreekant and Chatterjee, Nandini and Kumar, Vijay and Das , Pradeep (2012) Localization of kala-azar in the endemic region of Bihar, India based on land use/land cover assessment at different scales. Geospatial health , 6 (2). pp. 177-193. ISSN 1970-7096

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Moitinho Barboza, Delmany and Zhang, Cangjie and Cardoso Santos, Nathaly and Matos Bezerra Lemos Silva, Marília and Vieira Rollemberg, Carla Virgínia and Ramalho de Amorim, Fabio Jorge and Tiduko Ueta, Marlene and Moura de Melo, Claudia and Pacheco de Almeida, José Antônio and Sierpe Jeraldo, Verónica de Lourdes and Ribeiro de Jesus, Amélia (2012) Biomphalaria species distribution and its effect on human Schistosoma mansoni infection in an irrigated area used for rice cultivation in northeast Brazil. Geospatial health, 6 (3). S103-S 109. ISSN 1970-7096

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Mak, Sunny and Duncan, Dustin T. and Castro, Marcia C. and Blossom, Jeffrey C. (2012) Geocoding-protected health information using online services may compromise patient privacy - Comments on “Evaluation of the positional difference between two common geocoding methods” by Duncan et al. - Responce. Geospatial health , 6 (2). pp. 157-159. ISSN 1970-7096

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Teles de Oliveira, Daniela and Matos Bezerra, Marília and Pacheco de Almeida, José Antônio and Duthie, Malcolm and Reed, Steven and Ribeiro de Jesus, Amelia Neurological disability in leprosy: incidence and gender association in Sergipe, Brazil. Geospatial health, 6 (3). S125-S129. ISSN 1970-7096


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Zhi-Jie, Zhang and Rong , Zhu and Bergquist, N. Robert and Dong-Mei, Chen and Yue, Chen and Li-Juan, Zhang and Jia-Gang, Guo and Fei , Zhao and Qing-Wu, Jiang (2012) Spatial comparison of areas at risk for schistosomiasis in the hilly and mountainous regions in the People’s Republic of China: evaluation of the long-term effect of the 10-year World Bank Loan Project. Geospatial health , 6 (2). pp. 205-214. ISSN 1970-7096

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