From the Maxwell’s equations to the String Theory: new possible mathematical connections

Nardelli, Michele and Turco, Rosario (2010) From the Maxwell’s equations to the String Theory: new possible mathematical connections. Dip.Sc.Terra-Dip.Matem.Unina. (Unpublished)


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In this paper in the Section 1, we describe the possible mathematics concerning the unification between the Maxwell's equations and the gravitational equations. In this Section we have described also some equations concerning the gravitomagnetic and gravitoelectric fields. In the Section 2, we have described the mathematics concerning the Maxwell's equations in higher dimension (thence Kaluza-Klein compactification and relative connections with string theory and Palumbo-Nardelli model). In the Section 3, we have described some equations concerning the noncommutativity in String Theory, principally the Dirac-Born-Infeld action, noncommutative open string actions, Chern-Simons couplings on the brane, D-brane actions and the connections with the Maxwell electrodynamics, Maxwell's equations, B-field and gauge fields. In the Section 4, we have described some equations concerning the noncommutative quantum mechanics regarding the particle in a constant field and the noncommutative classical dynamics related to quadratic Lagrangians (Hamiltonians) connected with some equations concerning the Section 3. In conclusion, in the Section 5, we have described the possible mathematical connections between various equations concerning the arguments above mentioned, some links with some aspects of Number Theory (Ramanujan modular equations connected with the phisycal vibrations of the superstrings, various relationships and links concerning pi greco, phi,thence the Aurea ratio), the zeta strings and the Palumbo-Nardelli model that link bosonic and fermionic strings.

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