Dalla Fisica alla Metafisica; From Physics to Metaphysics

Palumbo, Antonino (2001) Dalla Fisica alla Metafisica; From Physics to Metaphysics. In: Dalla Fisica alla Metafisica. E.DI.S.U., Napoli.


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Section 1 (The Limbo): A brief history toward the Cognition. Section 2 (The hell): The fundaments of Science Section 3 (The Purgatory): The discordances in Science Section 4 (The Paradise): A new model This model hypothesizes that the universe was originated from a very large spectrum of waves F and evolves through the action of waves Fi belonging to F. The book follows the evolution of the universe: a) 0.01 sec. after the big bang radiative forces transformed themselves in electrons, protons and neutrons; 900 millions later appeared the electromagnetic waves and the light, 3.8 billions of years ago, an electromagnetic wave excited the organic matter down the ocean generating the life. In this realm a radiation combine two molecules of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen generating water; some radiations belonging to the spectrum of visible caused the most important natural phenomenon: the photosynthesis and thence the appearance of Oxygen. This gas will filter the extreme u.v. radiations allowing the growth of the realm of animals. 2.400 millions years ago, a radiation caused the mutation of the gene MHY16 of a hominid generating the man. From what above the birth and the evolution of the universe would had been determined and governed by radiating forces. b) In extreme conditions, black holes become elementary particles and viceversa (Palumbo 2005). c) The Fi waves generated the heavy particles appeared with the Big Bang, which sudden decayed into light particles. d) The Fi transmit musical messages, i.e. electric charges of the particles. e) The activity of the brain may be excited by resonant interactions among external waves Fi and internal electromagnetic waves. f) The identification of the body is asserted by the interaction between the nervous and the immunitary systems. g) F = where F denotes the universal original waves that originated the Big Bang and all the partial Fi waves, belonging to F, which originated, successively, the inert matter and the realms of Life and of Thought. The major discoveries of the 20° Century came from the nuclear physics: i.e. from the studies of the smallest particles and the greatest energies. The worth of the energy of Fi is related to the smallness of the masses and of the wave length Dalla Fisica alla Metafisica Il libro è diviso in quattro capitoli. Il primo (Il limbo) riporta una breve sintesi della storia della Conoscenza, il secondo (l’inferno) i fondamenti del pensiero scientifico e filosofico, il terzo (il purgatorio) le discrepanze insite negli approcci della cultura, il quarto (il paradiso) un nuovo modello interpretativo della realtà comprensiva dei reami dell’inerte, del vivente e del pensante. Il modello è sintetizzato nella precedente versione inglese di questo sommario.

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