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Alessandrelli, Michele (2016) L’ontologia stoica del qualcosa : corpi, incorporei e concetti. Other. ILIESI - CNR, Roma.

Alessandrelli, Michele and Ranocchia, Graziano (2017) Scrittore stoico anonimo opera incerta : pherc. 1020, coll. 104-112. ILIESI - CNR, Roma. ISBN 978-88-9782-807-5


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De Monticelli , Roberta (2011) PHENOMENOLOGY TODAY: A GOOD TRAVEL MATE FOR ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY? Phenomenology and mind (1). pp. 20-32. ISSN 2239-4028

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Donnchadh, O’Conaill (2011) Actions and Attitudes. Phenomenology and mind (1). pp. 130-137. ISSN 2239-4028


Fenici, Marco (2011) What does the false belief test test? Phenomenology and mind (1). pp. 198-207. ISSN 2239-4028


Galatro, Vincenzo La Mozart Learning Theory e il Fattore Mozart. Metodo Mozart e Teoria triarchica dell’intelligenza musicale: nuova teoria e metodo per aumentare l’intelligenza e l’apprendimento musicale. [Teaching Resource] (In Press)

Galatro, Vincenzo La Teoria dell’intelligenza engrammatica (o intelligenza della memoria). [Teaching Resource] (In Press)

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Zippel, Nicola (2011) Consciousness, ego, alterity: Crossing of neuroscience and phenomenology? Phenomenology and mind (1). pp. 237-243. ISSN 2239-4028

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