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Capinha, César and Gomes, Eduardo and Reis, Eusébio and Rocha, Jorge and Sousa, Carla A. and Virgílio Estólio, do Rosário and A. Paulo, Almeida (2009) Present habitat suitability for Anopheles atroparvus (Diptera, Culicidae) and its coincidence with former malaria areas in mainland Portugal. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 177-187. ISSN 1970-7096

Cecchi, Giuliano and Ilemobade, Albert and Le Brun, Yvon and Hogerwerf, Lenny and Slingenbergh, Jan (2008) Agro-ecological features of the introduction and spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 in northern Nigeria. Geospatial health , 3 (1). pp. 7-16. ISSN 1970-7096

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Dongus, Stefan and Nyika, Dickson and Kannady, Khadija and Mtasiwa, Deo and Mshinda, Hassan and Gosoniu, Laura and Drescher, Axel W. and Fillinger, Ulrike and Tanner, Marcel and Killeen, Gerry F. and Castro, Marcia C. (2009) Urban agriculture and Anopheles habitats in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 189-210. ISSN 1970-7096


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Frössling, Jenny and Nødtvedt, Ane and Lindberg, Ann and Björkman, Camilla (2008) Spatial analysis of Neospora caninum distribution in dairy cattle from Sweden. Geospatial health , 3 (1). pp. 39-45. ISSN 1970-7096


Jacob, Benjamin G. and Gu, Weidong and Caamano, Erik X. and Novak, Robert J. (2009) Developing operational algorithms using linear and non-linear squares estimation in Python® for the identification of Culex pipiens and Culex restuans in a mosquito abatement district (Cook County, Illinois, USA). Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 157-176. ISSN 1970-7096


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Li, Shi-Zhu and Wang, Yi-Xiu and Yang, Kun and Liu, Qin and Wang, Qiang and Zhang, Yi and Wu, Xiao-Hua and Guo, Jia-Gang and Bergquist, Robert and Zhou, Xiao-Nong (2009) Landscape genetics: the correlation of spatial and genetic distances of Oncomelania hupensis, the intermediate host snail of Schistosoma japonicum in mainland China. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 221-231. ISSN 1970-7096


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Rinaldi, Laura and Musella, Vincenzo and Veneziano, Vincenzo and Condoleo, Renato U. and Cringoli, Giuseppe (2009) Helmintic infections in water buffaloes on Italian farms: a spatial analysis. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 233-239. ISSN 1970-7096


Summary Report of the 2nd International Symposium on Geospatial Health Held in New Orleans, (2009) Summary Report of the 2nd International Symposium on Geospatial Health Held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, December 4-7, 2008. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 125-126. ISSN 1970-7096

Stensgaard, Anna-Sofie and Saarnak, Christopher F. L. and Utzinger, Jürg and Vounatsou, Penelope and Simoonga, Christopher and Mushinge, Gabriel and Rahbek, Carsten and Møhlenberg, Flemming and Kristensen, Thomas K. (2009) Virtual globes and geospatial health: the potential of new tools in the management and control of vector-borne diseases. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 127-141. ISSN 1970-7096

Schonlau, Matthias and Scribner, Richard and Farley, Thomas A. and Theall, Katherine P. and Bluthenthal, Ricky N. and Scott, Molly and Cohen, Deborah A. (2008) Alcohol outlet density and alcohol consumption in Los Angeles county and southern Louisiana. Geospatial health , 3 (1). pp. 91-101. ISSN 1970-7096

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Tourre, Yves M. and Lacaux, Jean-Pierre and Vignolles, Cecile and Ndione, Jacques-André and Lafaye, Murielle (2008) Mapping of zones potentially occupied by Aedes vexans and Culex poicilipes mosquitoes, the main vectors of Rift Valley fever in Senegal. Geospatial health , 3 (1). pp. 69-79. ISSN 1970-7096


Vignolles, Cécile and Lacaux, Jean-Pierre and Tourre, Yves M. and Bigeard, Guillaume and Ndione, Jacques-André and Lafaye, Murielle (2009) Rift Valley fever in a zone potentially occupied by Aedes vexans in Senegal: dynamics and risk mapping. Geospatial health , 3 (2). pp. 211-220. ISSN 1970-7096


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Zendejas-Martínez, Horacio and Peterson, A. Townsend and Milián-Suazo, Feliciano (2008) Coarse-scale spatial and ecological analysis of tuberculosis in cattle: an investigation in Jalisco, Mexico. Geospatial health , 3 (1). pp. 29-38. ISSN 1970-7096

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